In the summer of 2013

two rock-hungry young guys met in a street jam in front of a library in Espoo, Finland. Allu was playing the drums and Jussi was playing the guitar. While playing an intensive funk beat, they realized that together they were as groovy as a moose. They clicked with each other so well that they decided to go for a busking/hitch-hiking trip around Baltic countries and Eastern Europe in the fall. Playing their first gigs in a Soviet theme bar in Riga, Latvia, little did they know what kind of a journey they were taking the first steps of.

Just as Journey sings:

“Don’t Stop Believin”, Allu and Jussi kept on believing in the vision of making music that would explode the Finnish angst dwelling millennial youth like a rocket. First the idea was to make hot retro-ish garage rock in the spirit of White Stripes, but soon the guys, easily bored of everything, developed their style to be its own unique snowflake. The influences; from Led Zeppelin, the Stooges and Prince to Finnish UG rap and Gangnam style, fused in the performative punky live shows and gave Ursus Factory its reputation as a Helsinki underground legend.